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TGS 2009: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker's epic 10-minute trailer


Hideo Kojima wasn't kidding around when he said his crack MGS4 development team was going for an epic, console-quality Metal Gear experience with Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker on PSP. This freshly released TGS 2009 trailer for the game is proof positive that Kojima Productions is putting its all into the release -- it looks absolutely amazing, clearly building on the presentation and gameplay of both MGS4 and MGS3: Snake Eater.

Of course, you don't just have to settle for the trailer. Once it's got you good and pumped up to choke out some fools as Big Boss himself, check our post from yesterday to down-la-li-lu-le-load the TGS demo for play on your very own PSP. How cool is that?

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