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TGS 2009: NIS America announces Badman 2, Atelier Rorona


During a lunch event conveniently located both near TGS proper and extremely near our hotel (so near, in fact, that it was in it), NIS America announced two new games for PlayStation systems. Atelier Rorona, the latest in Gust's Atelier RPG series (and recently confirmed for Europe), will be released in North America in summer of 2010, and the sequel to the improbably-titled Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! What Did I Do to Deserve This? will be released for PSP in North America in early 2010. We guess the title didn't hurt sales too much!

NIS didn't have assets at the moment, but we were able to find screenshots through the magic of remembering that the game came out in Japan last year.

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