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TGS 2009: Sony adding motion to existing titles, new RE5 with motion coming Spring 2010 [update]


During Sony's second press conference at the Tokyo Game Show, Capcom's Jun Takeuchi took the stage to demo the PlayStation 3's new motion controller with his game, Resident Evil 5. That's right, Sony will be bringing motion control to a handful of existing titles, including a re-released RE5 in Resident Evil 5: Director's Cut this coming Spring.

Sony also showed off LittleBigPlanet being controlled by two people, one wielding a motion wand while the other used a DualShock 3. Apparently a mess of other titles will be getting the motion treatment -- 13 in total (seen here, mostly in Japanese see update below) -- with Flower and Pain standing out as notable examples.

Update: We've got the full list right here.

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