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UK retailer GAME sees big boost from used game sales


Even though the economy has seen better days, UK brick-and-mortar retailer GAME is seeing growth. Its used games revenues in the first half of this year ending July 31 grew by a whopping 12.3 percent to now make up "25.7% of total sales," paralleling US retailer GameStop's yearly used game revenue percentage. But things aren't all Ferrari 458 Italia-filled days and caviar dreams around GAME HQ, with total sales dropping by seven percent.

"In the second half, the installed base of third generation consoles will continue to build ... price reductions on the Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite and Sony's new model PlayStation 3 are helping to stimulate the market for hardware, chairman Peter Lewis said in the financial results announcement. If you add to that the recent speculation of a Nintendo Wii bundle hitting UK store shelves this holiday as well, we imagine the market will get plenty stimulated, Mr. Lewis.


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