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Wii price cut in Europe excludes UK [update]


Update: Nintendo has told us that the price in Canada has dropped accordingly to $219.95 and will go into effect the same day as the US. The representative also said more details on the European price drop will arrive next Monday.

Though online portals to major European retailers have yet to reflect the claim, the price for a Wii is reported to drop by €50 across Europe, bringing the total cost to €199, according to Unfortunately, it appears that the price cut won't bridge the gap of the English Channel, as the discount is reportedly confirmed for all of Europe except for the UK.

Nintendo officially dropped the price of its console in the US late Wednesday night (during Sony's TGS press conference, those scoundrels!), leaving us wondering why Europe, a key market, was left out of the equation -- until now. With no price cut yet announced for the UK though, that rumored bundle seems all the more likely.

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