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Motorola prepping new low-end WX series?

Chris Ziegler

Motorola's already got a low-end series whose members are identified with the letter W at the start of the model name (take T-Mobile's W233 Renew, for instance), so we're not sure if they'll be going away or if Moto wants to slot in another ultra-low-end range below it -- but one way or another, seems to have the inside line on a new WX series that's on its way to market. We're talking about seriously basic stuff here: tiny cameras, little to no internal storage, small displays, and in the case of the one model supposedly has full details on -- the WX395 -- just dual-band GPRS data on board. Who knew component vendors still made EDGE-less 2G chipsets? No word on availability for these, but we don't think these are the kinds of phones you cross off days on a calendar for anyhow.

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