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TGS 2009: Impressions: Final Fantasy Versus XIII


Guess Square Enix lied when they said they weren't going to be showing off Final Fantasy Versus XIII at Tokyo Game Show this year. Once again, the company continued its Closed Theater antics by ... well, having one.

This year's trailer for the still-only-for-PS3 Versus XIII broke the mold of all the previous ones by focusing exclusively on gameplay (gasp!). The trailer is barely a trailer at all, absent of the fancy editing and slick text overlays so common in a Square Enix trailer. Instead, we're treated to handicam footage of the game running off of a TV. The footage isn't particularly interesting: we see Noctis running through many different kinds of environments, such as European-inspired towns to grassy green fields that look like they're ripped straight from Final Fantasy XIII.

Unfortunately, the trailer didn't answer the one question all Square Enix fans have on their minds: what will it play like? Sure, we know he can run, but we'd love to see how this trailer translates to gameplay (if at all!). This secret trailer reveal at TGS did answer one though, though: Versus XIII is actually in development and, from the looks of things, may be farther along than any of us had expected.

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