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TGS 2009: Motion-controlled Resident Evil 5 caught on video

Remember when it was first announced that Resident Evil 5 wasn't coming to the Wii, and fans got really upset, because Resident Evil 4 on the Wii was totally awesome? It seems that decision wasn't made due to Capcom's oversight of said awesomeness -- rather, it looks like they chose to bring that experience to the PS3 with the ball-pointed PlayStation Motion Controller.

Seriously, check out this gameplay sample (video posted after the break) from Sony's TGS keynote and tell us that doesn't look exactly like RE4 on the Wii. Okay, the PS3 version is significantly prettier -- and due to the fact that Sony's controller has no nunchuck (which forces the player to hold a SIXAXIS in one hand and the wand in another) the controls look a bit more awkward this time around.

[Via VG247]

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