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Age of Conan director's letter unveils veteran rewards and level 80 instance


The September edition of the Age of Conan director's letter is offering some exciting developments for dedicated players in the form of a new level 80 dungeon, the Iron Tower, and the implementation of a veteran rewards program.

The veteran rewards program works a bit differently than most other programs, utilizing the new currency of "veteran points" instead of a reward per-month interval system. Each month players will be rewarded X amount of points that they can either save or spend in a new veteran reward shop, which contains items of convenience. The points rewarded will increase after each six month interval passes, giving the players more options the longer they play.

Veteran items are meant to be items that are convenient or social, but not more powerful or unbalancing to the game's dynamics. Things like an item that summons Casilda (NSFW), the slave from the tutorial, to cheer you on as you fight things.

The Iron Tower, the new level 80 team instance, will be featuring some of Aquilonia's worst criminal scum as the antagonists. Players will be put to the test by five different bosses, four mini-bosses, and even, perhaps, a special rare boss. As to what else is hidden in the Iron Tower, few know. But, high-end content is always a good thing to keep veteran players happy, as now they have a new storyline to explore!

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