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TGS 2009: Hands-on: Silent Hill Shattered Memories (PSP)


Much like 2007's Silent Hill: Origins, the PSP version of Shattered Memories is quite capable of conveying an eerie, unsettling experience, even on a platform that might seem ill-equipped for the survival-horror genre in comparison to home consoles. The Wii re-imagining of Konami's PS1 classic is faithfully represented on Sony's portable, with only a few framerate hiccups tarnishing a very impressive visual representation.

Recreating the Wii version's moody ambiance isn't the port's only major success, as it handles the absence of the motion-sensitive remote quite elegantly. Here, you manipulate Harry Mason's flashlight from a third-person perspective by holding R1 and moving the analog nub. While this removes the ability to move and peer into the terrifying town's dark recesses at the same time, the game's generally slow pace makes such multitasking more of a luxury than a necessity.

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When the pace is quickened and Harry is forced to flee from Silent Hill's disgusting meat-faced minions, there's usually little need to stop and examine the area first. As with the Wii version, the recommended escape route is highlighted on doors and walls by a layer of light-blue ice, helping you navigate to safety and preserving the flow of the nerve-wracking chase sequence. Should an enemy pounce on top of you, however, you have a few seconds to press the indicated face button (buttons if you're the victim of a monster pile-up) and shake them off.

It remains to be seen how well Shattered Memories shifts between its methodical exploration sequences and frantic chases over the course of the full adventure, but should it live up to the potential displayed in its E3 2009 demo (be sure to read our detailed hands-on impressions), we'll have no qualms about recommending either the Wii or PSP version come this November.

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