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The Daily Grind: Should all games have fast travel?

One of the things some have expressed about some of the recent games is the mixed signals on travel. In Fallen Earth you can have a horse or ATV from early levels, but let's face it - the world is enormous. Even with mounts, it still takes you some time to get from one place to another. There is really no method of fast travel there. In Aion, players have access to gorgeous wings after they finish the quest, but they only work for brief periods of time. Sure, there are other methods of travel, but as some reason - if you have wings, why not let players use them to get from here to there? Yet in other games you can teleport from town to town very rapidly. As we don't pay for MMOs by the hour, is slow travel just an antiquated system, or do you think it lends something to the game's mechanic or feel? Should all games incorporate fast travel, or should it be strictly case-by-case? Drop your thoughts in the comment box below, and let us know what you think!

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