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Final Fantasy XI gets third micro expansion, 'A Shantotto Ascension'

Kyle Horner

Wait, did you guys hear someone cackling? It sounded like a boisterous, "O-hohohohohoho!" Wait... wait, just a second. Oh Shantotto, what won't you do next? Not satisfied with merely acting as the ruler of everyone around her, the Tarutaru known as Shantotto is getting her very own micro-expansion entitled A Shantotto Ascension.

Obviously, the logical story extension of this seemingly possessed professor is an attempt at her very own empire. There's a story focused trailer to check out, but there isn't too much more to know beyond the fact that players will have to take Shantotto down a few pegs. More likely than not, we'll be finding out more about this soon enough. So for now, check out the short -- if not curious -- trailer after the break.

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