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Florida fugitive apprehended after attempting to steal DS games

A loss prevention specialist in a Florida Wal-Mart bagged themselves quite the trophy shoplifter this past week -- a fugitive named Daniel Larson, who was wanted for violating probation after a 2006 armed robbery charge. After being arrested and charged with larceny earlier in the month, he was released after presenting authorities with a fake I.D., and was placed on top of the Cape Coral, FL "Most Wanted" list.

His illicitly acquired freedom came to a sudden halt following his attempt to shoplift $120 worth of Nintendo DS titles from a local Wal-Mart. A loss prevention officer noticed the odd, rectangular shapes jutting out of his pants, and subdued him until authorities arrived. During police questioning, Larson claimed he was stealing the games to support his heroin addiction.

Then again, we wonder if that's really the true story. "Please, man," Larson might have said to the arresting officer, "don't tell them about my insatiable addiction for Imagine: Babyz games. I know! You could say I planned on pawning them to buy heroin! Please, come on, man. This would absolutely ruin me." [Via GamePolitics]

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