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It came from the Blog: Tuesday is Brewfest day


As promised, It came from the Blog will be getting together to celebrate Brewfest. It's going to be late on a weekday night, so make sure you set your DVR to record Sons of Anarchy or whatever you watch on TV on Tuesdays. Also, I'm sorry for you younguns who can't stay up this late on a school night, but we may have another one on Saturday for those who can't make this one.

Here are the details:
  • When: 11:30pm EDT (8:30pm PDT, 9:30pm Server Time) Tuesday, September 29
  • Where: In front of Orgrimmar on Zangarmarsh (U.S.)
  • Who: Any Horde character
  • How: Send a tell to Robinella or any It came from the Blog Lurker to join the guild
While any level is invited to participate, you will have more fun if you have a decent amount of cash on hand. Therefore, you may want to get a Death Knight out of the starting zones or play your lowbie until you've filled your purse in the days before the event..

For those of you who are wondering why Horde, why not your server or any other questions about's guild, please see our FAQ.

If you are into virtual public drunkenness, we hope you'll join us for some brew, sausage and ram riding. There are more details after the break.

The It came from the Blog Brewfest Event Guide

The plan is to do the following Quests and Achievements:

It will be a challenge, but if we do these activities at the same time, the screenshots (and possibly video) will be awesome. So here are some behavioral guidelines to make coordination of the event easier for everyone:
  • Since there will be no running to our destination this time, we will begin the event as close to start time as possible, so please be at Orgrimmar early.
  • There will be no summons. Even noob Taurens can get to Orgrimmar easily on the new Zeppelin.
  • There will be no raid. Until Blizzard allows 120 man raids or more, the guild is our raid.
  • No SPAM, please. Don't SPAM guildchat, local, yell, tradechat, whatever.
  • No caps in guildchat except me. Because we won't have raid chat, I coordinate the event in guildchat using all caps. It is hard for everyone to follow if others are shouting with me.
  • Duels are fun, but please keep all combat to before and after the event.
See you there!

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