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Another batch of armor skins for WAR

Brooke Pilley

Mythic Entertainment just released eight new armor set designs for Warhammer Online. This part, two of three, features redesigns and comparisons for the Marauder, Shaman, Chosen, Witch Elf, Archmage, White Lion, Witch Hunter, and Knight of the Blazing Sun. They are seeking feedback from players, which can be shared in this forum thread.

The studio drew a bit of criticism for their first batch of redesigns because they seemed to be comparing low resolution versions of the older sets versus high resolution renders of the new sets. It seems as though they've avoided that this time around.

One thing we've always loved about the gear in WAR (even the old skins) is that it has such visual depth, dimension and personality. Rather than looking as if it was simply added as a distortion map on your character (that bends and stretches with his body), each piece appears individual, nicely interlocking with the others on top of your character. The higher end gear looks quite dark and Gothic, as if it was meant for pain and battle and the new designs show a much more obvious progression than the previous sets, that's for sure (most obvious in the Chosen and Knight).

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