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Crysis LIVE! aims to bring the game into the real world


Ever since Crysis released, we've found our life lacking in two distinct ways:

  1. We totally want a Nanosuit of our own and would do close to anything for one
  2. We wish Jason Statham was our squadmate in real life and often daydream about being stranded on a tropical island with him
While the second option is likely never going to happen without some jail time attached to it, the first item is actually a possibility for those willing to travel to Nottingham, UK next month. On October 29 - 30, Crytek UK will section off an area and create "a real-life tropical jungle, complete with exotic flora and fauna" for folks to take part in a real life version of the PC game. In fact, those attending will even be able to try on an actual Nanosuit and, somehow, become invisible while playing this real-life version of the PC title. Crytek UK's Narrative Designer, Rob Yescombe, describes the game as "Hide and Seek for the 21st Century – good old fashioned fun but with a Crytek UK twist."

Who's going?

[Via Big Download]

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