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Linden Lab to step up Second Life marketing with Amsterdam office

Tateru Nino

Over the last few days, Linden Lab CEO Mark Kingdon, and Lab director of Marketing and Communications, Catherine Smith have been in Europe, where Kingdon is reportedly seeking office-space for Linden Lab in Amsterdam. The office is intended to start as a small marketing headquarters for Linden Lab.

At NIMK, Catherine Smith told De Hoeksteen Live! that Linden Lab was planning to launch the new office in January next year.

Linden Lab's marketing efforts for Second Life hitherto have largely focused on placement of speakers at conferences and events, and – prior to 2008 – on minor registration incentive programs. More recently, efforts have focused on the revamped Web-site and assorted press-materials and white-papers.

It isn't exactly clear to whom the new office would be actually marketing to, but with Linden Lab's recently reported figures, growth, and profitability, it seems unlikely that the target-demographic will be the sort of customers the Lab already has (ordinary users).

That leaves the business/government and education markets, the former having had a bit of an uneven history with Second Life, and the latter pretty much already making widespread use of Second Life for one thing and another.

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