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Love reaches open alpha, client download now available


The above picture is not a lie -- it's the login screen to Eskil Steenburg's one man MMO, Love. Mr. Steenburg has just recently pushed the client into open alpha, letting users download and run the game on their PCs, but not log into the game. Not yet, at least.

However, running the client is quite important, as it will send Eskil a few important statistics. The client will collect the name of your video card, if it supports the three OpenGL extensions he uses, and it will count how many people are interested so he can go invest in some servers without going overboard. So if you're interested in eventually playing the game, you can jump on over to his website, Quel Solaar, and grab yourself the open alpha of Love to "register your interest" by running the client on your machine. Plus, you get treated to an awesome look at Love's beautiful dynamic graphics.

Just as importantly, the open alpha gives us a sneak peek into some of the ways Love will work and how the payment structure will be implemented. Love's "create an account" menu shows that the game will have a subscription cost, which will be in the form of vouchers. Purchasing vouchers will let you add time to your account, allowing you to play longer.

However, you can also get game time by referring your friends, which currently nets 5 days for you, the referrer, and 24 hours for the person adding your name down as the referrer.

Love is also supporting "buddy accounts", an account that will only work when the main account is online. During your account creation, you can make a second account for your friend. Give him the account name and password, and he can play for free when you're online and playing. Certainly not a bad deal at all, if you ask us!

So, if you're interested, hop on over and download the client. It's only 65 megs! Much, much smaller than today's 2 gig monster games.

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