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Rumor: Alpha Protocol delayed, possibly until 2010


It appears Sega's Alpha Protocol is going to suffer a delay, the precise length of which remains in question. The last official word we heard from the publisher was that Alpha Protocol was to be released on October 6 (that's next week!), a release date that has seemed unlikely after numerous retailers shifted that date to late October. The latest release date change? Mega-retailer GameStop has shifted its expected launch date for the title to 6/1/2010, with Amazon Canada also showing a 2010 release (Amazon US has not made any change).

Developer Obsidian Entertainment is forwarding all requests for comment to Sega which, in traditional Sega fashion, have been met with the Sega Wall of Silence™. We'll update as soon as somebody decides to say something. Remember, the company line from Sega is that Alpha Protocol is supposed to hit store shelves next week.

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