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Star Trek Season 3 Blu-ray includes Star Trek Online bonus costume

Do you want to die a whole lot during your first interstellar excursion in Star Trek Online? If not, we'd advise you not to dress yourself in the lowly, crimson vestments of a Starfleet security officer -- or, as they've appropriately been nicknamed, "Redshirts." It's a well known fact that most hostile extraterrestrials are bull-like in their profound hatred for the hue. Strangely enough, these same adversaries are placated by the garments of a Starfleet Admiral, inspiring them to give long soliloquies instead of, you know, murdering people.

If the latter clothing choice sounds more in your wheelhouse, you'll be happy to know that a Starfleet Admiral outfit is being offered as a Star Trek Online bonus for purchasers of Star Trek: The Original Series Season 3 on Blu-ray, according to Not only do you get sweet duds for your character when the game drops in early 2010, but the television episodes will allow you to brush up on other important pieces of Star Trek errata. For instance, you should never hug a Klingon -- or Vulcans, for that matter. In fact, just keep those deep space hugs to yourself, okay?

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