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Still doubt Apple's desire for portable gaming clout? Here's proof...

Josh Carr

This afternoon, we received a tip from one of our readers about an awesome ad on the website. We chased the bait and decided to check it out. We're really glad we did. What we found was the ad above. We preserved it via screencast so all of our readers could enjoy it. The video above shows exactly what you will find on IGN just in case the current ad stops running soon. It reminds us of a similar ad on Yahoo a while back.

I have been pretty skeptical about Apple's desire to take over the portable gaming market, but I can't doubt it any more. This ad is running on one of the most popular gaming sites... obviously targeting those who wouldn't really think about the iPod touch as a gaming platform. The use of the website's design is definitely something that will catch the eye of the reader... so clever, in fact, that it's nearly impossible to press the stop button. You can press it, but why would you?

Thanks to Swaghi for the tip.

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