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Verizon's Razzle gives them the old razzle-dazzle

Chris Ziegler

Verizon's on a bizarre form factor kick lately, having just released the Nokia Twist -- and now we've got this strange little sucker, supposedly coming to market as the "Razzle." Astute observers will note that the Razzle is basically Verizon's branded version of the PCD TXT8030 first seen back at CTIA in April of this year, offering a 1.3 megapixel camera, VZ Navigator compatibility, and -- here's the big one -- a lower half that swivels 180 degrees to choose between a full QWERTY keyboard and stereo speakers. Interestingly, an older leaked roadmap misidentified this as an HTC product -- but the "Blitz 2" branding definitely makes sense considering both the Razzle and the Blitz are clearly geared toward a younger, funkier audience. PhoneArena says we can expect this one next month for "under $60," so this is one CDMA oddity that hopefully won't break the bank.

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