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World of WarCrafts: Scarlet Crusade stalks Dragon*Con


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There may be dragons at BlizzCon, but the Scarlet Crusade itself was spotted making their mark at this year's Dragon*Con. An enterprising group of players loosely allied with the guild Suncrown from The Venture Co-H made it into CNN's video coverage of Dragon*Con, so colorful and detailed were their costumes. "We had Mograine, Whitemane and two Scarlet Marksmen with us," writes Samanthiel of The Silvermoon Academy (Wyrmrest Accord-H).

The Scarlet Crusade cosplay crew was made up of friends split up between Houston, Texas, and New Orleans, La., who play WoW together in order to keep in touch. "We had a really great time, but the footwear killed us," Samanthiel says. "Those heels and boots were massacre on our feet, so we only wore the costume for Saturday morning of the con and sometime into the afternoon." While none of the group are professional costumers, they did reap the benefit of Vexander's (Scarlet Commander Mograine) years of experience costuming, armorcrafting and leatherworking for Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA) events. Peek behind the cut for a gallery of his Mograine project in progress, plus a closer look at a druid-themed hoodie that's attracted much love from WoW craft fans.

Gallery: Scarlet Crusade goes to Dragon*Con | 37 Photos

The group has already begun planning for next year's con costumes. "We're already doing a 'Dwarves and Draenei' set for next year," Samanthiel notes. "I will be constructing a full set of mage Tier 3 (yeah, old Frostfire, woo!) and Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian for my dwarf mage costume, and Vexander plans to do a full Draenei costume complete with goat legs and armor."

Simple but sweet druid hoodie
Don't feel like camping out beneath upholstered PVC piping or parading about in belly-baring "armor"? Here's a WoW-themed item anyone can create and carry off with aplomb. Readers so loved their first glimpse of Antrail's (Doomhammer-A) night elf-themed druid hoodie from an earlier post's comments that we contacted her for the full story. As it turns out, Antrail came up with the hoodie concept herself, then had a sewing friend execute the design.

Night Elf Druid Hoodie
  • Hoodie
  • Fleece cloth
  • Interfacing
  • Fabric scissors
  1. Draw a stencil for the ears.
  2. Cut out four ear patterns from the fleece and two ear patterns from the interfacing.
  3. Sandwich the interfacing between two fleece ear cuts, and sew the three layers together.
  4. Measure and cut slits into the hood of the hoodie on both sides of the head where you want the ears. Insert the end of each ear into a slit and sew it shut, attaching the ear to the hood fabric.
  5. Taper down the top of both ears at the top, to keep ear from sticking out too much.

Gallery: Night Elf Druid Hoodie | 3 Photos

Anatrail added a druidic symbol in fabric paint to the shoulder of her hoodie, customizing it even more and creating a hoodie that announces her loyalties to anyone who plays WoW. Great work!

Coming soon in World of WarCrafts: "flick paint" stenciling; a playlist of music designed to complement your WoW-time; a mind-boggling sculpture created by a WoW-playing father for his WoW-playing son; plus more plushies and more WoW-themed cakes.

World of WarCrafts is looking for WoW filkers. (What's that? If you're unsure, you're not one -- but stay tuned, because we'll track one down and show you the scene!) Filkers, contact us via our tips line (attention: World of WarCrafts) -- not-for-profit work only, please.

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