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New Digital Copies on the actual Blu-ray Disc from Sony exclusively for the PSP

Ben Drawbaugh

Digital Copies packaged in with DVDs and Blu-ray Discs are an old hat, but now Sony is adding a new twist. Up until now, a DVD was bundled in with a Blu-ray Disc just to deliver the Digital Copy. This way you could put the DVD into any PC or Mac and grab the Digital Copy of the main feature. What Sony is doing now is something that was demoed at CES 2008, which is to store a PSP friendly copy, on the actual Blu-ray Disc. This way all you have to do is insert the disc into a PlayStation 3 and transfer it directly over to a PSP -- no computer required. This of course doesn't help those who'd prefer to watch the Digital Copy on their PC or iPod, so they'll still need to continue to look for an extra DVD in the box. All this fun starts November 10th with the release of Godzilla and The Ugly Truth, both of which sport the PSP copy on the Blu-ray Disc, but only The Ugly Truth will also come with the DVD with the traditional Digital Copy.

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