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PSP digital copies included with select Sony Pictures Blu-ray releases


Sony Pictures is trying something different -- and extremely PlayStation-centric -- with its upcoming movie releases on Blu-ray. Home Media Magazine reports that select titles from the label will include a digital copy of the film on the disc that can only be played on a PSP -- in fact, the only way to transfer the movie to a PSP will be via a PlayStation 3.

The first release to incorporate a PSP-only digital copy -- the utterly amazing American Godzilla -- storms streets on November 3. The Ugly Truth, which hits on Blu-ray the following Tuesday, will also feature a PSP version of the film, but will bundle a separate DVD-ROM containing a traditional digital copy that will work on a variety of devices.

It'll be interesting to see what (if any) effect this new strategy will have on PlayStation Store downloads of movies for PSP, especially if Sony Pictures ends up taking this route with most of its releases -- or even if other studios follow suit.


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