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Turbine announces the release date of The Siege of Mirkwood expansion


The next Lord of the RIngs Online expansion, the Siege of Mirkwood, has been dated by Turbine! The downloadable expansion pack will go live on the servers on December 1st of this year, and Turbine is offering up some very nice pre-order packages for those interested in getting back into Middle-Earth. We also have some really awesome hi-res screenshots of the new expansion for you in our gallery below!

First of all, the lifetime subscription has returned to the 200 dollar price tag once more, making it very lucrative to grab a lifetime subscription if you don't have one already. Everyone, hooray for the nicely priced lifetime subscription.

Also, any current or former player who changes their subscription over to a multi-month package (three, six, or 12 months) will get the Siege of Mirkwood for absolutely free. Yes, that's right, you heard us, free. The multi-month package deal, however, does not include the lifetime subscription. Sorry.

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The LotRO adventurer's pack is also being offered as well with the expansion. The pack is a 20 dollar bundle of two more character slots, 20 slot shared storage amongst all of your characters on one server, a new mount (the Dusty Nimblefoot Goat,) and The Harbringer's Cloak, which gives a temporary speed boost of 8%.

Lifetime subscription members can now rejoice, because if they purchase the adventurer's pack they get the Siege of Mirkwood expansion for free. See, there's a deal for everyone.

Both packs will go live on December 1st, but you can pre-order early by visiting the website and upgrading early via your Turbine account. If you're looking for more information on what the Siege of Mirkwood will offer, look no further than our interview with Turbine regarding the brand new expansion pack.

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