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WAR for the Mac gets a release date

While nobody could really argue about how pretty Macs are, it certainly isn't the platform of choice if you're interested in gaming. The sad truth is that there are nowhere nearly as many Mac-native games as there are for Windows. This means Mac users are often left to deal with running games in Boot Camp, emulators, or just having to do without. But in a gambit to open up their market a bit more, Mythic have been working on a Mac client for those wanting to get their RvR on. It seems that testing has come to an end as today they've announced a release date.

Set to launch on October 28th, this new Mac version of Warhammer Online will be free to download for those who already have Warhammer Online accounts. For those North American players who have been waiting for the Mac release to take the plunge, you'll be able to snag a digital download copy at for $19.95, which will include 30 days of game time. There is currently also a 10-day free (open beta) trial open for those of you of the Mac persuasion, if you're not sure if WAR is right for your shiny Mac.

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