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Battlefield Heroes update 'Heroes of the Fall' now live

Justin McElroy

It may seem like a contradiction, but it is possible to make "free" an even better value. Just look at Battlefield Heroes; the game just added a boatload of new content (we've got a full list after the break) as part of its "Heroes of the Fall" update, and it's still all delectably free.

If you can't be troubled to read a whole list, some of the most notable changes include a new map called "Riverside Rush" and some improved social networking functionality. And, as you can see above, the update features a guest appearance by the Sepia-Toned Village People, who we hear are huge in the Netherlands.

General Changes

  • A New Map! "Riverside Rush"
  • New Items and bundles
  • End Of Round Screen now shows your Total HP, VP, BF and XP!
  • You will now get Assist Kill credit for kills you were a large part of, but where you didn't do the final damage
  • Added a new system for selecting server locales for situations where ping failed. Now you can set your region on the update profile on the website. Should fix lag problems for quite some people
  • You now gain titles starting at level 10, your title appears in the nametag and on your profile on the web
  • When you receive health or repair a vehicle, the HUD will now tell you how much on the icons themselves
  • Vehicle vs. vehicle collision should now feel better
  • Removed fire delay when entering a tank
  • Tweaked the nametags a bit so they should be more readable and appear in more natural situations
  • Piercing Shot no longer allows for critical hits
  • Hero Shield is now shared with nearby friends
  • Frenzy now returns some health to the wielder
  • Keg explosion now slows its victims
Game Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes vehicles would not spawn properly
  • Fixed a black screen issue when you attempted to join a friend or bookmark on a different version
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the vehicles would not explode properly
  • Fixes a crash with related to Character Names
  • Fixed a bug that caused grenade spam to disappear if you switched too quickly to Burning Bullets
  • Fixed a bug where a kill from troop trap gave the wrong message
  • Fixed a ton of Text bugs
  • Fixed a camera bug that allowed for view inside buildings
  • Fixed a bug with Emotes, allowing you to use emotes you were not supposed to
  • Fixed a HUD bug, where text would appear in wrong colours
  • Fixed a bug that caused you to auto reload, even though you had it turned off
  • Fixed a bug where if killed while in parachute, the character would look broken
  • Fixed a bug where some key mappings didn't show up correctly in the Tutorial
  • Fixed a bug where you would get stuck if you did not have any weapons equipped
  • Removed a "pregame" message in tutorial
  • Fixed several Server Crashes
  • Fixed a bug where you could type in green
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the in game score and end of round score were displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug where score received from flags wasn't accurate
  • Fixed a XP exploit
  • Fixed a Visual bug where Combat Medicine would not remove the effects from Burning Bullets
  • Fixed a bug with Hero shield , bandage and wrench timer where it kept going even though you had burnt
  • through your shield
  • Fixed a bug where you could blast strike a friend in e vehicle if he was in a passenger seat
  • Fixed a bug where I eats grenades didn't eat all explosives
  • Fixed various bugs with admin/not admin/UAC install
  • Will now reinstall game if local version is too old
  • Should now handle PunkBuster better
Game Menu
  • Added easy links when completing missions and other events that takes you to the relevant screen
  • Replaced online/offline icons in the Friends Screen
  • Fixed a bug where the use count on Widgets sorted wrong so it wouldn't show
  • Friend menu will now only show status of mutual relationships (you have to accept a friend invite)
  • Removed adding a friend through the game menu – this will be managed on the website from now on

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