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EVE's 4th Council of Stellar Management accepting candidates

James Egan

The Council of Stellar Management (CSM) is a concept that's unique to EVE Online -- a player-elected council that represents the playerbase's views to the developer CCP Games. CSM representatives identify the major issues that players have with EVE Online and work together with CCP to improve the game. According to EVE dev CCP Xhagen, "Roughly 60% of all issues brought up by the CSM have either been already added to the game or are on the horizon."

The Council of Stellar Management is now heading into its 4th iteration and will begin accepting candidates as of tomorrow, October 1st. Candidacy applications will be accepted through October 15th. Interested parties must hold a valid passport (each CSM term involves a summit in Reykjavik) and be willing to have their real names become a matter of public record, for the sake of accountability.

If you're curious about what a player-elected representative council actually does, have a look at the CSM white paper or its summary which explains the council's scope and responsibilities, the election process, and candidate eligibility.

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