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Native Instruments working on a $200-ish Traktor controller, blinkenlights guaranteed

Chris Ziegler

International musician and man-about-town Richie Hawtin has a track record of collaborating with Native Instruments on its DJ products, frequently putting stuff through its paces well before it's made available to the public at large -- and once again, the dude's been caught using some unknown gear at a show in Berlin. Seems like pretty much everyone and their mother has made a controller compatible with the company's Traktor line of software at this point save for Native Instruments itself, and that's where this new hotness comes into play -- check out the video after the break starting around 19 seconds, where you can clearly make out a couple NI-branded boxes allegedly designed to control two decks at a time (so a grand total of two, like Hawtin has here, would be enough to control a four-deck Traktor setup). We've heard rumors from inside the company that it'll be available for around $200, which would be extremely competitive for a pro-level box that's specifically matched to Traktor's capabilities. Even if you don't have the slightest urge to get on the decks at any point in your life, the lights sure are pretty, aren't they?

[Via Engadget German and De:Bug]

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