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PSP firmware 6.10 coming 'soon,' introduces PSP Go cell phone tethering


PlayStation Network's Eric Lempel has just announced via the PlayStation Blog that PSP firmware version 6.10 -- which he dubs "a big update" -- will be available soon. The update will add a new feature, SensMe, to the system's XMB. This music player, announced at E3, can be used to generate playlists from songs stored on the system based on pre-defined "moods."

The most substantial addition, however, will only work with the PSP Go. Using the Go's built-in Bluetooth networking, owners of the new system will be able to tether the device to their Bluetooth-capable mobile phones and use them as wireless modems for internet access beyond WiFi hotspots -- essentially wherever a cellular data network is available.

An update to the free MediaGo software -- designed for transferring PS Store items and media to and from the PSP using a PC -- will be available for download tomorrow, October 1, according to Lempel.

We'll update once PSP firmware v6.10 goes live. In the meantime, you can watch SensMe in action after the break.

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