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3D Dot Game Heroes looks delightfully familiar

If the frequent comparisons between From Software's upcoming blocky adventure title 3D Dot Game Heroes and The Legend of Zelda have been completely lost on you, then apparently you haven't seen the gameplay videos. The game does more than slyly reference the mainstays of Miyamoto's Triforce-hunting classic; it more or less recreates them. We're definitely not saying that's a bad thing -- we're just worried that Nintendo will eventually catch wise, and somehow prevent this charming little game from ever making it westward.

Check after the jump for three gameplay clips; the first showing off the game's best Zelda impression; the second just how gargantuan the player's sword can become; and the third suggesting the perils of playing through the game as the vertigo-plagued hero from Spelunker.

[Via GameSetWatch]

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