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Chrome OS coming to netbooks as early as next month?

Tim Stevens

We've heard vague allusions to Chrome OS hitting devices in the near future, but with Google's official stance that it won't be ready until sometime late next year, well, we were a little skeptical. Now we're hearing reports that Chinese netbook manufacturers are doing everything they can to get little Chrome lappies running a "preview edition" of the OS out onto the Asian markets by sometime next month, and we're still skeptical -- but intrigued. These devices from a company called Lemote run a MIPS-based CPU called the Loongson, which currently powers a custom flavor of Linux named, get this, Loonux. That OS has been receiving criticism for things other than its title, so it's not surprising that the company is interested in trying something new, apparently even if that new thing is still half-baked and rather doughy in the middle. That these devices currently sell for under $200 is even more intriguing, but even if they do indeed get a bit of shine next month don't expect to find one locally -- at least not for that price.

[Via jkOnTheRun]

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