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LEGO Indiana Jones 2 trailer is intentionally blocky


Even though many of your trusted Joystiq editors are a little old to be playing with toys (there's an age limit?), we can't deny having a huge soft spot for the LEGO franchise tribute games. So, of course we're excited that the Indiana Jones films are being remastered block-mastered again, since we heart them too. (Actually, don't get us started on the last one -- sheesh!)

As this newly released trailer shows, the tongue-in-cheek humor, charm and co-op play that's made the previous LEGO offerings so appealing doesn't seem to have been turned town in the tiniest for LEGO Indiana Jones 2 -- and we can't wait to create some truly weird stuff with the new level editor. We're thinking of awarding a prize to the editor who devises the most ingenious and playfully painful way to get rid of "Mutt" -- preferably as fast as possible -- since all of our pleas to Lucas to write him out of canon have thus far gone ignored.

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