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A BBQ in your pocket with Barbecue


I've always enjoyed miniatures for some reason, and Barbecue [iTunes Link], from Equinux , is an enjoyable miniature barbecue grill. It's a pretty simple thing, really. You launch the app, light a match to get the grill going, then spend your time throwing a variety of meats and corn onto the grill. You double-tap to flip, and drag to serve it on a plate. Once the food is on a plate (only one item per plate), you can send it to Twitter, Facebook and email... something we see on every app, really.

If you're looking for a cute toy with a high degree of realism, a lot of time and energy went into the making of Barbecue, and you can learn all about the process of making the app on the Equinux site. It's only a buck, so what do you have to lose?

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