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Dishy lands in the App Store and your kitchen


I wrote up a sneak peek of Dishy [iTunes Link] earlier in the summer when I saw a preview at WWDC. It was called Bon App at the time, and man it looked tasty. Well the app is now out and it rocks. I've been testing a demo for a little while and I wish more cooking apps worked like this.

Dishy takes you from meal planning to shopping to cooking in one convenient app. It is not like some food apps, which are designed to be recipe databases. Instead, Dishy focuses on a few recipes that have been tested by a real chef and uses those to create a small but tasty (and powerful) database. Don't let the inability to enter or alter recipes deter you -- if you are a beginner cook who wants to cook (nearly) like a pro, Dishy is the best step I've seen in that direction. The great experience coupled with a brilliant way of finding dishes to cook makes prepping food less of a chore, for sure.

The flow works like this: choose your dishes, collect your ingredients, then go through the cooking process for each dish. Dishy handles every step with beautiful panache, as seen in their demo video here. Two key features in Dishy: a graph showing how long each dish takes to cook and the ability to fine-tune recipe options. You don't want cold veggies and burnt meat, and Dishy helps you avoid this common bungle by showing you a nifty chart of when to start each dish (see gallery).

If you love to cook or if you've wanted to try preparing a cohesive meal, I recommend you give Dishy a try.

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