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Patch 3.3 PTR: New weekly quests to do while raiding

Mike Schramm

News is, of course, flooding out of the Public Test Realm as the usual suspects dive into the newly released test patch and datamine every bit of data they can. And this little nugget has appeared over on MMO Champion: apparently patch 3.3 will bring quests very much like the dungeon and heroic dailies (though it's probably a good assumption these will have weekly intermittence), but for 10 and 25-man raids. The full list of quests is after the break, but it's the old "XXXXX must die!" with the always insightful Archmage Timear determining that, for the good of the cosmos, some raid boss must be vanquished yet again.

At this point in the PTR, we're told that the quests reward 10 Emblems of Frost (which again hints that they'll be broken up over weekly periods rather than daily periods, as 10 Emblems a day is a heck of a lot of emblems). But of course that can all change before the actual patch goes live. Just know that if these quests go in, a) your raid will probably be heading back to farmed content at least once per week, and b) at least you'll be getting a nice reward from the run.

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