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Report: CD Projekt going public through share deal with Optimus S.A. [update]


Update: We spoke with Paweł Dembowski at Polygamia, who helped shed some more light on the matter. The original report stated the two companies would flip-flop shares, when in reality it's more of a merger. "The major inaccuracy in the early report was that the owners of CD Projekt will become the majority shareholders of Optimus - this is not the case - they will own a half of shares, the other half being owned by the current owners of Optimus," Dembowski said. "So it's more of a merger on equal terms than a takeover on either side." Well, we're glad that mess is sorted out! You can find the original post below.

Original post: The developers behind The Witcher and its upcoming sequel are looking to take their company public on the Warsaw Stock Market, Polish site Polygamia reports. It's a bit of an awkward deal, as defunct PC company Optimus S.A. will purchase CD Projekt, though the majority of Optimus S.A.'s shares will be owned by CD Projekt's CEOs -- effectively swapping shares in each other's companies. got in touch with Karol Zajaczkowski, marketing director at CDP Red (the studio behind The Witcher, owned by CD Projekt Investment, the company that owns CD Projekt,, etc.) and reports the move is in part to help fuel future development, obviously something the company needs to do if it wants to finish the already impressive looking The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Karol said "this means money for future development of the whole company" and that it's "very good" for CDP.

Source - Polygamia report [Via Big Download]
Source - confirms with CD Projekt's marketing head

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