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Runes of Magic reveals new dungeon

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Free to play MMO Runes of Magic will release another content update next week for Chapter 2, The Elven Prophecy. The Cave of the Water Dragon will be the newest instance from Frogster for players to explore. Six player teams (with a level cap of 55) can quest from Polython to the Throne of Water in the Weeping Coast, where they will meet Zanordoth, King of Water Dragons.

Zanordoth is facing a problem that most parents of teenagers are familiar with: his son Lytfir woke up a bit cranky one morning, and turned against all humans. King Zanordoth banished him to a dark cave, but needs help putting the young dragon back to sleep. Players are given the task of collecting several items that will earn a crystal ball used to capture Lytfir and put him back to sleep, effectively sending him to his room until his attitude improves.

Cave of the Water Dragon is scheduled for release next week, with a teaser trailer to hold you over until then.

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