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Sonim's XP2 strong-arms its way through the FCC

Chris Ziegler

No one's going to mistake this for a fashion phone, but we're thinking that's just fine with Sonim, the company well-known for its ultra-rugged XP3 that's just passed a new XP2 model through the FCC's barrage of testing. Dubbed "Spirit," the XP2 appears to be Sonim's first phone with 3G on board -- though the tiny display will probably make it useful more for tethering than anything else -- and that insane-looking octagonal shell has us believing that they're going to be able to make some truly wild claims about its survivability. UMTS while spot-welding the phone in 30 feet of water? Probably not, but if any phone could do it, we suspect it'd be this bad boy. No word on pricing, availability, or even an announcement, but we'll keep you updated.

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