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Sony dives into wireless power game, makes it way more interesting

Darren Murph

We've been watching wireless power startups spin their wheels for years on end, and while we've netted a few contact-charging solutions along the way, there's still a dire need for bona fide wireless power. A most unlikely candidate has just shown up to deliver that very need, with Sony's wireless power supply system reportedly pushing some 60 watts of juice across 50 centimeters (nearly two feet) of crisp, cool air. Currently, the magnetic resonance setup is running at about 60 percent efficiency, but we're sure the engineers behind the breakthrough aren't satisfied yet. So, should we expect to see a prototype BRAVIA HDTV at CES 2010 that needs no AC cable to function? Please Sony, say yes. Say it emphatically.

[Via Impress]

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