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Acer's '09 WinMo phones now members of neoTouch, beTouch lines

Chris Ziegler

There are a number of ways to clearly convey that your products rely heavily on touch operation, perhaps none clearer than simply straight-up putting "touch" somewhere in the name (see TouchWiz, TouchFLO, Touch, TouchSmart, UltraTouch, the list goes on). Enter Acer, which has been preparing a number of new WinMo sets this year including the buzz-generating F1 backed by a speedy Snapdragon core -- except don't call it an F1 anymore, because it's taken on the far more trademarkable "neoTouch" name as it steamrolls toward an official release in coordination with Microsoft's global launch of WinMo 6.5 next week. Filling out the range will be three members of the "beTouch" line -- the E100, E101, and E200 -- all of which should give you that warm fuzzy feeling that you'll be able to use your finger to navigate around (if they'd been called "beKeyboard," for example, you'd have to be more skeptical).

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