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Atlus says North American Demon's Souls servers not live until Oct. 6


Are you an Atlus devotee who somehow snagged an early copy of this Tuesday's release of Demon's Souls for the PS3? If you do happen to be one of these folks, you might want to head over to the medicine cabinet and grab a chill pill, as Atlus says that nothing is wrong with the lack of connectivity to its North American servers, they just haven't been turned on yet.

Specifically, Atlus says, "What this means is that users that might manage to pick the game up early and start it up will get an immediate PSN error and have to start playing offline." Sure, you could shed a few tears and swear off the publisher forever, but look at it this way -- now you'll have two secret days of soul collecting to rub in your friends faces when the servers go live this Tuesday. Hooray!


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