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Capcom asks how you want RE5: Alternative Edition's extra content


Over at Capcom Unity, they're polling individuals on what they would like to see in a localized version of the recently revealed Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition. In Japan, the title is coming on a new disc to the retail space, but Capcom is still entertaining different delivery solutions for North America and Europe, namely digital distribution as DLC for the original game. Since Capcom's had success with the Versus add-on and recent digital wares such as SSF2THD and Marvel vs Capcom 2, it's willing to go that route if the demand is high enough. So Capcom put up a poll and, if you want your voice heard, we suggest you make with the clickings.

As for tangible, things-you-can-see-in-front-of-you-right-now news, we'd like to direct your attention to GAME Watch. The site's put up some screens from the new "Lost in Nightmares" mission that takes us back in time to the classic team's jaunt through the Spencer Mansion and, as you can see above, Jill's defense of her status as the Master of Unlocking.

Source - Capcom asks: What do you want in RE5: Alternative Edition?
Source - New screens from GAME Watch

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