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Celestial power preview from Champions Online

Eliot Lefebvre

The upcoming Blood Moon event that we detailed this morning for Champions Online promises more than just the usual business of superheroes pounding on zombies, on the off chance that that alone isn't enough for you. They're also promising a new power set, the Celestial powers, a number of light-based powers focusing on healing and improving your allies while simultaneously destroying your foes.

The first three powers in this set are up on the official site for preview. Even from the limited scope we've seen so far, the set looks to be interesting for players of the game, offering both healing and damage utility depending on whether you're targeting your allies or enemies. They've also laid out the plans for the unique advantages of the powers, which seem to tend toward area effects - allowing you to at once heal your allies and stun everything around them.

One of the common complaints about Champions Online at release was that it focused almost exclusively on solo play and there was little to no benefit to grouping. With powers that are designed so strongly around working with other players, it looks like Cryptic is focusing in on expanding the tools available to groups. If players can tear themselves away from crushing zombies for a bit, these new powers look like an interesting upgrade for the game.

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