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Champions Online October changes, Blood Moon releasing on the 27th

Kyle Horner

Champions Online has seen a lot of update love since launch. By all accounts it's continuing to throughout October with this look at what's to come by Cryptic. The addition of more missions is always welcome, especially in combination with the mission tracking improvements that'll make grouping easier. Even better is the Power House 2.0 that'll come with a new live combat training room and power tips from trainers. Those power tips are going to help a lot of confused players create builds that both suite and actually work for them.

Last but not least is Blood Moon, which will be released on October 27th and promises to bring a hefty chunk of content for all levels to enjoy. The new PvP map known as Zombie Apocalypse sounds like something out of Left 4 Dead and blasting the undead with superpowers is a wholly new concept that we're behind 100%.

Check after the break for a full rundown of what's coming to Champions Online in the month of October.

  • This Past Month
  • Lots of power balancing meant free Retcons for everyone!
  • Big changes to the Economy were made after we had overestimated the amount of resources players would
  • accumulate while leveling. Increased item drops and decreased Retcon costs make it more affordable!
    We began addressing gaps in content by adding new missions to Monster Island in Well's Pass. We'll be continually adding more as time goes on.
  • Coming up in early October!
  • Mission Tracking Updates! – New ways to share missions with groups, including setting primary missions, making more missions shareable, and granting "Assist Bonuses" if you help complete a mission you don't have.
  • More Missions! – Bounty missions, UNTIL tasks, and more content in Millennium City and Canada to help address more of the leveling gaps.
  • Power House 2.0 – A new room to test out your powers against real enemies, Power Tips from the trainers, and a duel-free zone by the trainers to make purchasing a power much quieter.
  • The Blood Moon Rises October 27th!
  • Take part in an event of epic proportions. The evil Undying Lord Takofanes has returned to proclaim his coming reign over humanity. Help defeat his undead hordes all over the world.
  • Help save the 13 souls of the Undead Heroes to unlock the Celestial power set weeks before it is released to the public.
  • New PvP Map: Zombie Apocalypse – Fight for survival against the zombie hordes.
  • New power set: Celestial – A support-based set allows you to both heal allies and weaken enemies.

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