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What's in a Name: Robomodo

Justin McElroy

If you want to watch friends and loved ones pretend to skateboard/fall repeatedly this fall, Robomodo's Tony Hawk Ride is the only product catering to those admittedly unhealthy urges. Here's how those monsters came up with the name.

When Josh & I first talked about creating this company, I offered up the name because I felt it fit the criteria we were trying to fill:

  1. Sounds "fun" (i.e. anybody hearing it would expect to be entertained by our product)
  2. Rolls off the tongue & unique
  3. Available (i.e. its .com isn't already spoken for)
  4. "Just fits" (i.e. is applicable to what we're all about)
So in translation, it means "Robot Style". The way it struck a cord with us at the time is that it was made up of two words that apart represented the team's components, and together its development philosophy. "Robo" would represent the Software Engineers and gameplay code, while "Modo" would represent the Artists and their stylish vision for it. At Robomodo, we adhere to a philosophy loop of "art supports gameplay supports art...". It's all about harmony, with the end goal of developing fun & exciting games for a mass audience. Besides, who doesn't love robots?

David Lee Michicich
CEO / Creative Director
Robomodo Inc.

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