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Apple quits the U.S. Chamber of Commerce over opposition to EPA


Just 3 years ago, Apple was targeted by Greenpeace as being less environmentally friendly than they could be. Greenpeace even created a mock Apple website in an effort to goad them into action.

Several months later, Apple earned a silver in environmental evaluation (that rating has since turned to gold) from an EPEAT survey (EPEAT is a government operation created to approve computers before they can be purchased by other governmental institutions). Today, they tout "the world's greenest line of notebooks."

This week came the news that Apple has quit the US Chamber of Commerce over what they called the organization's "frustrating" position on global climate change. Specifically, the chamber has opposed a proposal by the Environmental Protection Agency to use the Clean Air Act to set limits on greenhouse gases; a proposal that would most likely take effect only if Congress failed to pass climate legislation.

Apple isn't the only prominent member to leave the chamber for this reason, just the one we happen to write about.

[Via Think Progress]

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