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Indie MMO 'Love' goes into paid alpha testing

Try as we might to remain impartial about games that are a long way away from release, we fell in love with Love the second we laid eyes on it. Imagine our joy when we learned that Eskil Steenberg's city-building MMO had entered alpha testing, and could be played right this hot second. Having trouble imagining? Allow us to help -- our joy was immeasurable.

A few of the game's followers have raised quite a stink about one caveat to the alpha test: Applicants are required to purchase a license in order to join in the festivities. At €3.00 (or about $4.50), it's hardly a bank-breaking purchase, but mandating payment in order to test out an MMO is fairly uncharted territory. Don't look to us for criticism of this unprecedented practice -- we instantly bought it.

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