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Massive sees 'double-digit' in-game ad revenue growth in 2009


On the Microsoft Advertising Blog, J.J. Richards, head of Massive Incorporated, decided to dispel some rumors surrounding the in-game ad industry. Specifically, Richards noted that the in-game ad industry is "thriving." He adds that in fiscal 2009 Massive has seen "double-digit year-on-year revenue growth in the face of one of the worst economic crises of the last century," and that the company has surpassed its first quarter sales target by over 100 percent.

Richards spends the rest of the post explaining that in-game ads work, are easy to implement and, the kicker, gamers actually like them. He notes that all ads are placed with an eye toward realism, saying that "gamer satisfaction" is paramount and that all ads go through testing before being added to a game. Furthermore, he suggests that ads actually enhance the experience, contributing to realistic immersion.

Regardless of your feelings toward game ads, one thing is clear: They aren't going anywhere. Massive has already announced a fairly, well, massive lineup for this fall. Let's just hope Massive keeps the ads unobtrusive, unlike some other in-game ad companies.

[Via Edge]

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